How to Know What to Bring to an Event

Every good host will tell their guests that they don’t need anything brought, but everybody knows that anything guests can bring, the better. If you have been invited to an even but you aren’t sure what to contribute, Great Harvest Kalispell has a few suggestions to get you started.

If It's Really Just Tea for Two and Gossip

There’s nothing wrong with a small gathering where you catch up on the latest news and gossip happening around town. For this event, it’s best to stay small and sweet. Start with a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat along with the speciality loaf of the day for that extra twist. Add in some deliciously sweet honey and a bread knife and with one small package you have the afternoon catered for.

When Everybody Really Just Wants Something Sweet

There’s nothing wrong with realising that everybody just wants sweets - so why not give them what their taste buds want. A tray of sweets including loaves of batter bread, muffins and twelve giant cookies. The perfect end…or start, to any meal.

Breakfast in Bed

If you have someone special who you would like to treat, then it’s time to get cooking. Start with a basket which includes a gourmet pancake mix and accompanying spatula to get you started. Whilst those cook it’s time to prepare some thick slices of a Honey Whole Wheat bread ready for a fresh jam, fruit syrup and honey to be drizzled over it. Throw in some bread dip mix and some oatmeal cookies and you’re ready to knock on the door, delicious breakfast in hand.

Baking the Freshest of Bread in Kalispell

Of course, if you can’t decide from the above, there are plenty are  more options available or you could always create your own! Give Great Harvest Kalispell a call on 406 755 9733 to order anby of the above gift baskets, or just to ask what fresh and delicious bread and treats we have baked fresh for you today.