Keep Your Bread Tasting Fresh and Delicious

If there is one thing that everybody enjoys when they buy bread in Kalispell, it's the smell! And while most people have the desire to eat the entire loaf they have just bought, their stomach often isn't as accommodating as their nose would like. To help you keep that fresh bread in Kalispell tasting its best for longer, Great Harvest Kalispell has some tips to share which can help.

Don't Slice It

Bread can start to lose its freshness as soon as you slice it. If you don't anticipate that you will be eating the entire loaf soon; buy it as a whole loaf and slice it as you need it.

Room Temperature Is Best

If you and your family usually eat the whole loaf of bread within a couple of days, keep it stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. If you have a bread box, this is the perfect place for it. As you cut each slice, resist using plastic wrap and instead cover it with a clean tea-towel.

Stay Away From the Fridge!

Storing your bread in the refrigerator to keep it fresh is a common myth. The truth is that the temperature inside your fridge, while great for keeping other items fresh, can cause your bread to become stale. If you don't expect to eat your bread soon, store it in the freezer. Once you take it out of the freezer, heat it up and be sure to eat it within two hours for the freshest taste.

It All Starts With Bread in Kalispell

No matter how you store your bread, it's crucial that you buy it fresh to give it the best chance of lasting. If you love the smell and taste of fresh bread, come into Great Harvest Kalispell. If you are on your way home, give us a call at 406-755-9733 and see which breads we have fresh and ready for you to pop in and collect.