Stuck On What to Feed Your Family?

If it's that time for your extended family to all get together and you volunteered (were chosen) to take care of the food - Great Harvest Kalispell is here to help with some great ideas on keeping your family members well fed.
  • Make Sandwiches

    • When it comes to feeding large groups of people, sandwiches are definitely the best way to go. Not only are they cost effective, the versatility of ingredients mean a great range of flavors.
      • Roast Beef - Sliced roast beef over fresh whole grain bread alongside creamy horseradish spread with some swiss cheese is always a crowd favourite, and a nice gourmet touch to a platter.
      • Chicken curried salad - With a delicious white loaf,  add chunks of white meat chicken along with some red grapes and walnuts. Always a favourite, especially amongst the kids.
  • Delicious Paninis

    • Of course if you're looking for something a little warmer, toasted paninis are a great option to keep taste buds excited and bodies warmed.
      • Brie and Pear - a simple yet tasty mixture of brie cheese and pear slices toasted until slightly browned make for a great warm treat.
      • Artichoke and Turkey - With the delicious taste of oven roasted turkey, add in some tomato and top it off with mozzarella cheese and your guests will be clammering to get their cold hands on them.

Using Only the Freshest Bread in Kalispell

If these ideas have your stomach rumbling we aren't surprised - but if you don't have the time to prepare all of this for your gathering, we are ready. With the convenience of delivery available, speak with Great Harvest Kalispell on 406 755 9733 and find out how we can take care of your catering needs and keep your guests well fed.