The holidays are all about family, friends and feasts. During this time of year, your social calendar may get filled with dinner parties and other events. If you're hosting one this year, you need to thank those who made it possible: the people who attended.

This is where party favors come in. They're a great way to show your appreciation and give others a remembrance of this festive occasion. In this installment, Great Harvest in Kalispell will give you a few easy pointers on how to make party favors for your holiday event.

How to Put Together the Perfect Holiday Party Favors

Holiday Treats

First, you need to decide on what the main items in your party favors will be. An easy, delicious and crowd-pleasing choice would be some holiday sweet treats (for example, a couple of Christmas cookies).

Get the Packaging Ready

Before you start decorating your party favor, you need to pick a theme for it. For instance, you can choose a blue and white color palette or a more traditional red, green and gold scheme.

Then, get a big enough cellophane bag and place the holiday treat in it. Next, seal up the bag with a clear elastic and place some colorful ribbons over it in the hues you've picked.

Add a Personal Touch

Lastly, you can add a note to your party favors where you express your appreciation to your guests and wish them happy holidays. You can take this a bit further by making personalized notes for each attendee!

For the Best Bread in Kalispell…

If you want your party favors to be the perfect token of your appreciation, treat your guests to some Great Harvest desserts! Our tasty variety includes some sweets made specifically for this time of year such as our Christmas cookies. We even have some gift bags, which you can hand out at the end of your holiday celebration if you don't feel like making your own party favors. Call 406-755-9733 for more information about our menu.Remember to check back on our blog for some delicious recipes, like How to Make Blueberry Scones.