Preparing french toast may seem like an easy task, as it's relatively simple to cook and it only requires a few ingredients. However, it's very easy to overlook certain details that can make this dish taste even better. For this reason at Great Harvest in Kalispell  we would like to share useful tips for perfect french toast.

How to Make Better French Toast

Creating the Custard

Keep in mind that you should use the right milk and eggs ratio, otherwise your bread won't cook properly. Remember that you shouldn't add too much sugar to the custard, as you will be topping your french toast.

Choose the Right Bread

It's recommended that you use stale bread to prepare your toast, as it will absorb the custard properly without getting soggy. Also, remember that you should soak each side of the bread and allow it to absorb as much egg mixture as possible.

Use the Right Heat

It's recommended that you preheat your pan and add butter between batches. This way you will allow the center to cook properly and get a nice golden brown color. French toast is the best way to start your day and you should consider these ideas while you are preparing this dish. Also, remember that croutons are the perfect way to add texture to your soup and salads, so be sure to read our guide to prepare this treat.

Bread in Kalispell, Montana

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