Why Should You Eat Whole Grain Bread?

Due to its versatility and its taste, bread is a staple ingredient in also all eating styles and cultural dishes. However, not all bread was created equal. If you are currently buying white bread from the supermarket and are interested to learn about the benefits of whole grain bread made at a bakery, keep reading.


Fiber is one of the most popular benefits to eating whole grain bread and it can help to alleviate any digestion problems, along with promoting long-term digestive health. Fiber has also been known to help control and lower cholesterol levels which is important to a healthy heart.


While it’s true that athletes consume a lot of protein for muscle growth, protein in an everyday diet has a solid place. Along with being used to make enzymes, hormones, and general body chemicals, protein is also responsible for assisting in the repairing and building of tissue.

Slow-Release Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are chains of sugars that our bodies convert into energy. Whole Grain bread provides carbohydrates that we can only break down slowly. This keeps blood sugar levels stable and provides long-lasting energy for your family.

Where to Get Your Fresh Whole Grain Bread in Kalispell

If you are looking to make the switch, speak with Great Harvest Bread Co. of Kalispell, MT at 406-755-9733 and ask about the range of freshly baked bread available for your to try in store today. If you prefer something a little sweeter, check out the range of available goodies.