What's the Secret to Baking the Freshest and Tastiest Bread in Kalispell?

If you've ever visited us here at Great Harvest Kalispell and tasted our bread then you've left with a smile on your face and a question in your mind - How do we get our bread so fresh and delicious? While we can't give everything away, Great Harvest Kalispell has some information below to give you a hint into just how we do it.

If We Had One Secret...

If we have just one main secret into baking our bread, it would be that we still believe in the traditional methods of baking. This means we start our baking process by milling our own 100% whole grain flour every day, right here in our bakery. By doing it this way, we are able to ensure each and every nutrient throughout our bread is the freshest it can be, baked with care and delivered straight to your taste buds.

How Do You Make My Taste Buds so Happy?

If you simply can't get enough of our bread, it's thanks to our select choice of ingredients and just the right amount to include. When you taste our cinnamon raisin oatmeal loaf, for example, you're tasting just the right amount of fresh cinnamon and raisins combined to give you the taste you love. The sweetness in our honey whole wheat similarly shares this method, using just the right amount of fresh honey prepared in just the right way.

Baking More Than the Freshest Bread in Kalispell

Of course, it isn't just the freshest and tastiest bread that comes out of our ovens. Head on in and see us here at Great Harvest Kalispell or give us a call at 406-755-9733 and find out which bread and sweets we've freshly baked for you to enjoy.