How to Celebrate With Fresh Bread From Great Harvest in Kalispell

Whether you just aren't sure what to buy to celebrate a new job offer, or perhaps you forgot a special birthday or anniversary, Great Harvest Kalispell has you covered. Instead of the regular chocolates and flowers, here are two great ideas to say congratulations...or oops.

Let's Start With the Celebration!

Whether it's a new job or perhaps a baby on the way, there are better ways to share the celebration. Start with a big basket, because you're going to need it! Fill it with a delicious gourmet soup, a tasty bread dip mix, an always favorite pancake mix, some fresh jam, fruited syrup, a pancake spatula, two beautiful tea towels and a traditional breadboard. Head over to your recipient's house, let them put their feet up, warm up the soup and make some pancakes and you'll soon be a very welcome guest!


Now for the gift when you may...or may not...have done something wrong. Perhaps you forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning and now your special someone has nothing to wear or you're driving home and realized it's your anniversary. While you're on your way home, stop in at Great Harvest Kalispell and pick up what we like to call a 'Sweet Treats Tray'. Packed with a selection of small tasty treats like cookies, muffins, batter bread and a fresh loaf of the day, this is the perfect way to make your way back into their good books.

Solve Your Gift Problem With Fresh and Tasty Bread in Kalispell

If you aren't able to put these together yourself, simply give Great Harvest Kalispell a call at 406-755-9733 and let us know you're on your way. We'll be sure to get everything ready for you to pick up on your way home.