The Right Cheese to Match Fresh Bread in Kalispell

Let's face it, it does not matter if you are the healthiest person in the world or you are all too familiar with tasty foods, everybody loves a good grilled cheese sandwich. Moreover, while their ease of preparation only add to just how good they are, not all grilled cheese sandwiches were created equal. If you are looking for a different taste in your next grilled cheese sandwich, Great Harvest Kalispell has some lesser-thought-of cheeses for you to consider.

A Very Different Taste

Most cheese lovers know blue cheese to be the star of a tasting dish and feta cheese to the perfect accompaniment to a tasty salad. However, a serious grilled cheese sandwich lover should know that these two cheeses combined make for one delicious toasted sandwich! While you will not get the satisfying gooey texture that melts over the edge of the sandwich, the flavor that this combination brings will make you forget all about it.

The Best of the Best

French chefs are known for creating some of the most intricate and delicious dishes, and the grilled cheese sandwich is no exception. Referred to as a "Croque Monsieur," the trick to this tasty sandwich is the use of cheese known as Gruyere. The sweet, yet sharp earthy flavors are something your taste buds have never known before and are sure to impress any foodie. A "Holey" Delicious Taste The next time you are at the store, reach for a Swiss cheese and include it in your next sandwich binge. When melted, it does not get as oily as you might expect and holds its shape quite well. The trick to choosing a good swiss cheese is to look for one which has consistent holes. If the holes are many and randomly spaced, look for another.

Now You Just Need Delicious Bread in Kalispell

If you have selected your cheese but are missing fresh bread, speak with Great Harvest Kalispell at 406-755-9733 and find out which bread they have baked fresh today and are ready for you to enjoy.