Warm up Your Adventurous Taste Buds With Delicious Hot Bread in Kalispell

It's no surprise that the cold weather is in full swing, and showing little sign of leaving any time soon - so instead of staying indoors, take these warm treat ideas from Great Harvest Kalispell to help you beat the cold.

Start Your Morning off Right

If you're feeling a little sluggish during these cold mornings it's important that you are getting the right breakfast. If you're a regular toast eater, try switching your store bought bread for a fresh High 5 Fiber loaf made each morning to give your body a good start.

Something Sweeter to Start You Off?

If you have your breakfast covered, but you're looking for a tasty complement, a freshly baked Blueberry Cinnamon Chip loaf is the way to go. Made from freshly milled whole wheat each morning, this tasty treat can be just what you and your body needs to help get your started.

A Snack for Your Morning Commute?

Do you find yourself feeling like a snack on your drive or bus ride to work and are looking for something to go with your hot coffee? Savanah bars and fresh scones are just what you're looking for. Easy to carry and eat, these make the perfect complement for your early morning coffee.

Let Fresh Bread in Kalispell Rescue Your Morning

With so many tasty ways to help you get out of bed and on your way to a good day, give Great Harvest Kalispell a call at 406-755-9733 and see what's baking today. Even better, head on in on your way to work and choose from a selection of tasty, and warm, treats to get you the best start to your day.