Why Should You Eat Whole Grain Bread?

Due to its versatility and its taste, bread is a staple ingredient in also all eating styles and cultural dishes. However, not all bread was created equal. If you are currently buying white bread from the supermarket and are interested to learn about the...

How to Use the Last of Your Bread

Nothing beats the taste and feel of fresh bread. But when the bread begins to lose its freshness, many people believe it is no longer good. This post has two delicious ways you can use the remaining slices of bread or roll to make something tasty that isn't just...

How to Keep Your Kids' Lunch Boxes Healthy and Delicious

Keeping your child's lunch box filled with tasty and healthy treats is an everyday challenge faced by most parents. While parents may see a healthy snack as delicious, children often have a different opinion. Along with baking the freshest...

Keep Your Bread Tasting Fresh and Delicious

If there is one thing that everybody enjoys when they buy bread in Kalispell, it's the smell! And while most people have the desire to eat the entire loaf they have just bought, their stomach often isn't as accommodating as their nose would like. To...

The Right Cheese to Match Fresh Bread in Kalispell

Let's face it, it does not matter if you are the healthiest person in the world or you are all too familiar with tasty foods, everybody loves a good grilled cheese sandwich. Moreover, while their ease of preparation only add to just how good they...

What's the Secret to Baking the Freshest and Tastiest Bread in Kalispell?

If you've ever visited us here at Great Harvest Kalispell and tasted our bread then you've left with a smile on your face and a question in your mind - How do we get our bread so fresh and delicious? While we can't give...

How to Celebrate With Fresh Bread From Great Harvest in Kalispell

Whether you just aren't sure what to buy to celebrate a new job offer, or perhaps you forgot a special birthday or anniversary, Great Harvest Kalispell has you covered. Instead of the regular chocolates and flowers, here are two...

Warm up Your Adventurous Taste Buds With Delicious Hot Bread in Kalispell

It's no surprise that the cold weather is in full swing, and showing little sign of leaving any time soon - so instead of staying indoors, take these warm treat ideas from Great Harvest Kalispell to help you beat the cold.



Easy Ways to Keep Your Guests Stomachs Warm

Have you found yourself in charge of arranging food for your next family or office event and you're not sure what to do to keep a group of stomachs happy as the cold weather sets in? Great Harvest Kalispell with a few ideas on how to  satisfy a cold and...

Stuck On What to Feed Your Family?

If it's that time for your extended family to all get together and you volunteered (were chosen) to take care of the food - Great Harvest Kalispell is here to help with some great ideas on keeping your family members well fed.
  • Make Sandwiches

    • When it comes...